Boston Youth Arts Evaluation Project
This framework, developed by practitioners over a 12-month period, powerfully condenses the complex transformations taking place in arts-based youth development programs into three interlocking domains: identity (I Am), creative accomplishment (I Create), and connection with the wider community (We Connect). Be sure to check out the full two-page framework diagram and logic model, as well.

Evaluation Studio
Evaluation Studio is a powerful tool in planning and implementing programs. With an emphasis on improving student achievement, evaluation needs to be an ongoing, integrated part of instructional programs. The Ohio Arts Council, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education, developed Evaluation Studio which provides three different avenues for assistance, depending on the individual’s and the organization’s needs:

  • A beginning tutorial on evaluation terms and concepts;
  • Tip sheets on how to design an evaluation tool, based on needs; and
  • Examples of effective evaluation tools, plans, and reports

Get Schooled in Arts Education Policy and 21st Century Skills created this new tool kit, which helps parents, educators, business leaders, and community members learn about new legislation and issues important to arts education. This resource also offers advice on how anyone can be an active advocate for student arts participation and learning.

YouthArts Toolkit 

Americans for the Arts developed a tool kit designed to help organizations in need of detailed information on how to plan, run, provide training, and evaluate arts programs for at-risk youth. This tool kit contains the many lessons learned about establishing, maintaining, and evaluating such programs, drawn from the results of a collaborative research effort in Portland, San Antonio, and Atlanta.

A Research Based Communication Toolkit 
This comprehensive document brings together rigorous research, program models and communications templates that confirm and clarify the importance of arts
education for our nation’s youth.